He has been the best doctor to work with.  Everything he has done helps. He takes his time with me and is very patient. I never feel rushed. I wouldn't even think of going to another Chiropractor because I already have a great one!

Ann, 75

Spring Branch

Awesome and professional- describe Dr. Wetz!

I appreciate the soothing music that is played!

Rebecca, 57

San Antonio

Consistently, when I lay down on the therapy tables and listen to the Christian music I enter into the peace of the Lord, experience His presence and love.

Jan, 60

San Antonio

    I have been treated by Dr. Wetz and associated with his clinic for almost 3  yrs.  The treatments  I have received from Dr. Wetz and his assistants have  greatly helped my lower back problems  and kept me pretty much pain free.  I have also found the office staff to be very pleasant, helpful  and efficient.

   I take every opportunity to recommend Dr. Wetz to anyone in need of a  good Chiropractor and  hope that my relationship with him and his staff  continues for a long time to come!

 Carol, 65

 San Antonio

   I woke up one morning feeling absolutely awful and called Dr. Wetz's office.  Audris was able to get me in first thing in the morning.  My neck, shoulders and back were hurting so bad before I got there. As soon as Dr. Wetz adjusted me I felt 100% better.

   I can not thank him enough or recommend anyone else!  Thank you Wetz Chiropractic, you're always so helpful and I love your great staff!

Helen P, 25

San Antonio

   I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and have been struggling with illness for 7 years.  In year 2, I was rear-ended in a car accident, but I was already having a flare-up of the condition.  A friend told me to see a Chiropractor, to at least get a set of X-rays.  I was reluctant, but I did go.  The sign outside Dr. Wetz's office gave me a bit of comfort, him being a Christian.

   I walked in very crooked that day, and when I left I felt 50% better, and in the next 6 weeks, I was a different person.  I was able to walk upright without favoring one side or the other, sit for an extended period of time (I work on computers all day), and able to walk around the walking trail by my house.  I went from the pain controlling me and my activities, to me being able to control the pain.  With help from Dr. Wetz, my Rheumatologist and some medications, I am able to live a productive life.  

   I don't think I will ever be pain free, but I know when I do have a flare-up, I can go to Dr. Wetz and I WILL feel better that day.

  I truly feel like Dr. Wetz cares about me not only as a patient but as a person, and asks me how things are in my life, he asks about my daughter and the stresses in my life.  I have come to help me feel better not only physically, but spiritually as well.  I always feel better when I leave his office.

Toni, 46

San Antonio

I have realized that my neck might hurt, but it is really my hip that's out of alignment.  Coming to see Dr. Wetz helps keep the pain at bay.  We all know when we feel better, we are happier and easier to get along with.  Thanks for all your help!

Steph, 51

San Antonio

  I wouldn't be able to function without Dr. Wetz and his staff in my life.  I am either causing my own injuries or just living everyday life, but every time no matter what, Dr. Wetz is there to take care of me.  My life is so much better because of Dr. Wetz's help.  I value Chiropractic adjustments as much as having Jesus in my life. 

  Thanks for all you've done for me, my family and my friends! God Bless you.

Laura, 49

San Antonio

  I wanted to take the time to thank you all for the caring way your staff greets at the door to the excellent heat applications and that wonderful massage machine (of course we all know its the healing touch operator behind the machine) and then the wonderful adjustments.  I have watched and experienced your staff truly work together as a Godly team in the care for all their patients. 

Linda & Dan

San Antonio

Dr. Wetz has helped me with numerous back problems. An excellent Chiropractor!

Glenn, 56


Dr. Wetz has been my Chiropractor for 16 years.  He has been a blessing in my life.  If I have any kind of pain I would make an appointment to see him first.  I'm usually able to see him the same day.  If it was something he couldn't fix (which wasn't very often) he knew who could. Thank you Dr. Wetz!

Cheryl, 63

San Antonio


We have been in practice 21 yrs at our same location.  A sense of community is deep within us.  We have patients that go back to our opening days. Our primary concern is our patients well-being.  That is our goal everyday we open our doors! Below are a few testimonies from our patients...


  At  Wetz  Chiropractic Clinic our mission is  to  provide our patients with high quality care and affordable services in a comfortable and caring environment.     Our goal  is  not only  to  alleviate  pain but  to  also educate  our patients and become  active  participants  in  their  well-being.   Every  individual  carries the inborn ability to be truly healthy.

  At  Wetz Chiropractic we  strive  to help you achieve  the God given potential your body has to heal itself.

  Words are not adequate to express our gratitude for working on our 13 year old son.  As you know Adam has been in constant pain for 3 years until he visited your practice.  After all the hospitals, specialists, tests and procedures no one has been able to help Adam's pain.  I remember speaking over the phone to Audris and her sharing how you specialized in headache pain and in fact you helped her.  She urged us to have Adam seen and I am so glad she did.  I recall on the first consult and could see Adam connect with your manner and the fact that you knew what he was feeling as you too suffer with headaches.  That was a first for us, to see Adam's hope restored in the idea that he may one day be healed and out of pain.  Your faith was evident in the atmosphere of your facility, word and your concern for Adam.  Your heart for his suffering was comforting. 

  As a Christian, knowing that Adam was being prayed over while you work on him made all the difference to us.  Your suggestion that Adam listen to healing scripture on his Ipod had a profound effect on him. After listening to the scripture the 1st day, Adam had a glimpse of God's healing, by having a pain free 2 hours, the first time in three years!

  It wasn't long before Adam started to improve after each treatment, until one day he came out into the lobby and told me he was pain free.  

  We feel Dr. Wetz and all of the people who make up the Wetz Chiropractic team truly care about each patient and have a gift for healing that we have never before experienced. 

  Faith and medicine are seamlessly integrated.  We will be eternally grateful to all of you!

The Wyatt Family,

San Antonio

   I've been a Chiropractic patient for over 20 years, so when I moved to San Antonio over 4 years ago I  knew I needed to find a Chiropractor.  A friend at work recommended Dr. Wetz. 

    Dr. Wetz and his staff are professional, courteous and caring.  Dr. Wetz's care has helped me with  shoulder pain, knee issues and my general muscular-skeletal health.

 Robin, 50

 San Antonio

  I have been coming to Dr. Wetz regularly for many reasons.  After having my babies (picking them up & holding them all the time), I found relief from my back pain thanks to Dr. Wetz.   When I started getting back in shape after having babies and would experience hip or leg pain, Dr. Wetz would help me out.

  For many years I have struggled with migraines, but when I start to feel them coming on I come in to see Dr. Wetz and he corrects my neck providing me with headache relief for months.  All of this from a Godly man and doctor (with great Christian music too)! Thanks Dr. Wetz!

Linda, 37

San Antonio

Wetz Chiropractic Clinic